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Health Literacy Champions are expertly trained nurses in different clinics at Children’s Health to encourage helpful and clear communication with patients and their families. Better communication and understanding of health literacy leads to better outcomes, and that is the goal! 🎯 Read more ...about these champions and this effort in our 2023 Nursing Annual Report: #NursesMonth

When patients and their families understand the ins and outs of their care, they feel more confident and informed. Health Literacy Champions is a program at Children’s Health that empowers highly trained nurses in individual clinics to influence good health literacy and improve communication. ...🏥Read more about this effort in our 2023 Nursing Annual Report at our #LinkinBio. #NursesMonth

Honoring the legendary Dr. James Andrews! 🎉 His groundbreaking work in the field of orthopedics and sports medicine continues to enhance the lives of athletes of all ages.

It’s time to make a splash! ☀️ Get ready with us and make sure you pack all the essentials for a day at the pool, lake or ocean to keep your family safe and happy. Tell us, what are you missing from your bag? 🏖️ 👜Check out more safety tips at our #LinkinBio.

When you’re ready for a day in the sun near a pool, lake or ocean, pack these essentials to make sure you make a big splash, but safely. Learn more at

Keep the fun in summer fun with these handy water safety tips. 😎 ☀️ Get ready with us and pack these items when you take your kids on your next trip to the pool, lake or beach. Check out more water safety tips at

Join us in recognizing the incredible first responders who go the extra mile for our patients 365 days a year. Thank you to our Transport Team and our more than 125 Emergency Medical Services (EMS) community providers for the life-saving care they provide every day. #EMSWeek

Let’s hear it for our nurses and all they do!🎉 Check in with our Kid Reporter Kolbe and get a peek into how our amazing nurses take care of their patients. 🎈🩺 #NursesMonth

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Children's Health Checkup

Children’s Health Checkup answers parents’ most common questions about raising healthy and happy kids. Find expert parenting advice, health tips and more from one of the largest pediatric health care providers in the country.

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Pediatric Insights

Pediatric Insights is a medical podcast that will explore the latest in pediatric care and research. Experts from Children’s Health will discuss advances and innovations as they encounter some of the most complex pediatric conditions.