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News like this makes our hearts soar! In 2023, the Children's Health Heart Center performed the most pediatric heart transplants in the nation! Kudos to the entire Heart Center team for this achievement and making life better for children. And with the announcement of our transformative, new ...pediatric campus with @utswnews, we’re excited for all the future milestones. 🎈 ❤️

One year down and many more to go! Children’s Health Specialty Center Prosper just celebrated its first year of being open. Offering urgent care, orthopedic and sports medicine and much more, this specialty center will continue to provide excellent health care to the growing population north of ...Dallas. 🎈

Children’s Health Specialty Center Prosper just had its one-year anniversary. This milestone marks over 14,000 patient visits in 2023. We look forward to continuing to serve the community north of Dallas.

Care like this takes a lot of heart. In 2023, our Heart Center team performed the most pediatric heart transplants in the nation! With the recent news of our new pediatric campus with UT Southwestern Medical Center, we’ll be able to achieve more milestones by caring for more children. 🎈 ❤️

Let's hear it for the Heart Center team! They put their hearts into their work and had the highest volume of heart transplants in 2023. This marks a new milestone for our team as the most active pediatric heart transplant program in the country. ❤️

Join Amelia, Olivia and the incredible fighters of the Red Balloon League, presented by Bank of Texas! 🎈Together, we're making a difference in the lives of children battling illness. Discover how you can be a part of this unstoppable team at ❤️ #RedBalloonLeague

Meet Amelia, Olivia and the incredible superheroes of the #RedBalloonLeague! 🎈 Together, we're spreading hope and happiness to courageous children battling illness. Discover how you can become a part of our unstoppable team at

While hoping to adopt a child, our cardiology nurse Holly, discovered one of her patients, Reid, was eligible for adoption. Knowing children with chronic illnesses have a hard time being adopted, Holly and her husband adopted Reid and are loving life as a family! ❤️ #HeartMonth

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Children’s Health Checkup answers parents’ most common questions about raising healthy and happy kids. Find expert parenting advice, health tips and more from one of the largest pediatric health care providers in the country.

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Pediatric Insights is a medical podcast that will explore the latest in pediatric care and research. Experts from Children’s Health will discuss advances and innovations as they encounter some of the most complex pediatric conditions.